Best Practices

Among the many classrooms in the Hardman and Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center, the Technology-Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) classroom offers the most innovative use of space for teaching and learning by providing the technology and room layout options that best accommodate active learning practices. The TEAL classroom is the first of such active learning classrooms at NMSU and the effective use of this type of learning environment is dependent upon and informed by lessons we can learn from higher education professionals, teachers, and scholars. On this page you will find some testimonials, recommendations, and resources about the effective use of TEAL classrooms.

Here is an example of how TEAL changed learning at George Mason University. In this video, professors and students discuss the benefits of teaching and learning in such a classroom.



Teaching and Learning in Active Learning Classrooms: Recommendations, Research and Resources

Eron Drake, Dina Battaglia, Tolga Kaya and Mona Sirbescu, Central Michigan University

Strategies to Address Common Challenges When Teaching in an Active Learning Classroom

Christina I. Petersen and Kristen S. Gorman, University of Minnesota